A Violent Romance

Nightborn by Ophelia

What shall survive?
Your lack of love
your fists
or your lies?
Embrace me this once take this fear from my mouth and my eyes
the noose of this love(lessness) kills
sows doubt
and decays
we die together in myriad ways
So we stand before one another,
observe the destruction
and so pass our days
Could I ever cause you to understand
you would grieve in horror,
rend your garments by hand
we don’t speak
we don’t love
we don’t trust
and violent romance
is what you reap
when both sides
give up.

Author: Politrixie

Politrixie the Political Mistress is a blogger, reader, poet and feminist. I am a mistress of mischief, an arty scholar and an Ivy League heffa.

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