White Jesus

Rich white Jesus sat on a throne of war
looked into my eyes and called me a whore
cast me from the kingdom to force me to beg
judged me for sins in corrupt angels’ heads
I looked for peace there found only illusion
asked God for his love received chaos and confusion

Black Jesus loved me though in spirit I was poor
and she came amongst us lepers addicts and whores
upon Her blessing she made me realize my dreams
to find a home where what is is as it seems
She took me from inequity from perilous flight
and held up as holy love in the night
my flesh was a beauty holding my soul
while into my heart she sang and consoled

White Jesus condemned and cast me away
until in black Jesus’s skin I found a home though poor and astray
falsehoods delighted him, he stole the love of my dreams
til black Jesus held me whole and redeemed


Author: Politrixie

Politrixie the Political Mistress is a blogger, reader, poet and feminist. I am a mistress of mischief, an arty scholar and an Ivy League heffa.

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