Broken Sleep

Hysteria by Natalie Shau

hungry dreams
gall and regret
do feed thee fine
the glass darkly
reflects ashes burnt down by time
fear and remorse and broken sleep
face to face
to thyself bid thee meet
to know thyself seek
the darkest nights
and stay deep therein
until thee find
the fire  inward burning
scourge the body, bleed the mind

Author: Politrixie

Politrixie the Political Mistress is a blogger, reader, poet and feminist. I am a mistress of mischief, an arty scholar and an Ivy League heffa.

2 thoughts on “Broken Sleep”

    1. Hey I appreciate your comment so much because it means I’m not just talking to myself! 😂 please don’t hesitate to drop a line and tell me hi I love to talk. And thank you for coming back, I’m still working on new stuff… ❤💋


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