Sightless Doings in Flightless Nights

Times are strange. Everything is upside down. People will say to me “What are you doing now? What are you DOING?” in that way that suggests that if they don’t see the doings and if they don’t hear about the doings then you must exist in oblivion. I’m doing Life. All the crummy little details.Some  not so crummy but  of no interest or importance to anyone beyond myself or family. Sometimes you have to live life quietly out of the stratosphere. It gets scary to look up and think that all your friends are whizzing about Up There and you’re all by yourself Down Here on Earth Alone.

But then you start to notice the little things closer to you on the ground. There’s all kinds of things to learn. I get worried because there’s so much I want to know and learn and it seems that there’s so little time. And then sometimes I have this sense of intuition that says “Do this now. You’ll be too busy later.” Will I? What will I be doing Later? WHEN is Later? Why do things feel so lonely? Because you’re living and learning and doing, and those lessons and doings are for you alone. Lessons especially made for you and no one else. If someone doesn’t see you being taught it doesn’t mean you aren’t learning? Just because someone doesn’t see or appreciate your work doesn’t mean you didn’t do it. Just because you don’t FEEL as if you are flying doesn’t mean that you have no wings

Author: Politrixie

Politrixie the Political Mistress is a blogger, reader, poet and feminist. I am a mistress of mischief, an arty scholar and an Ivy League heffa.

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